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Fully automatic Timesheet
reports employees working hours to improve work styles

A good blend and a diversity in working styles is the good way to success for your team and your company. But do you know how to manage them?
Timesheet is an add-on solution which helps reporting employees’ work hours based on Office 365 emails and calendar activities.

Knowing your work hours is a first step to improve your work style

Timesheet generate your working hours based on the actual activities in Office 365. Of course you can edit Timesheet if necessary.Your manager based on Microsoft Azure AD account receives your report weekly basis.

Report is available to each of the employees so that they can check their own work hours. In order to install Timesheet, Microsoft Office 365 account and Azure AD account are required.

Grasp your team members work style for better productivity and performance.

If you are a manager, you can confirm Timesheet from your team members and submit to HR department. You can make use of the CSV data from Timesheet in order to correctly analyze productivity and performance in your team.

Knowing your employees work styles

HR department can not only correct employees Timesheet, but also understand how employees spend their time at work. Timesheet helps customers knowing how their employees work based on the actual activities in Office 365, which will be insight to create better work place. No manual tracking is necessary. It’s fully automated.

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